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    If u had the opportunity 2 direct the last episode of VampD, where would u like 2 see Stefan end up?

    about 1 year ago
    as a human.

    about 1 year ago


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      Hi Paul, we are alwaystelena, one fandom group made for stelena and for our pdubber love. Our group is connect by you, even though each member is in a part of Brazil, we have a great friendship because of you. If you answer us, you will realizing our dream, forty dreams at the same time.. we want you to know that we will never give up on you, and that we have no words to describe our love for you. We have to say that you are the reason of our smiles, we have this group for one year and we really hope that you see us. Alwaystelena loves you, do you love us? Please send us a photo with "hi alwaystelena" or "i love alwaystelena" and make forty people smile more than ever ♥ we just want to thank you for everything, especially by this group that are together for one year and would not exist without you. By your fans that love you more than anything: Suzana, Jociane, Joana, Ariany, Stephanie, Isadora, Amanda Paes, Amanda Maia, Nathanny, Debora, Daniella, Viviane, Isabella, Beatriz Lopes, Natália, Eduardo, Leonardo, Lorena Queiroz, Beatriz Maldonado, Jessica pontello, Luiza Hoffmann, Caroline dos Anjos, Gabriela, Camila, Marcella, Ana, Lúcia, Bia, Luiza Holdford, Beatriz Lobato, Giovanna, Letícia, Jessica Souza, Maria Fernanda, Patricia, Júlia, Edmere, Gabriele, Jessica Faé, Julielle, Lorena Mainardes e Luisa. ♥
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      Post a pic of your hair products?!
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      hi paul, we are wpdubbers, a group of friends, we are here to say That You're very special to one of us and and we have proud to be your fan. you went in the right moment of our lives and we are here to thank you for the smiles That You put in our lips over and over again. we would be very happy if you take a picture saying "i love my fans from wpudbbers" that would be really important to all of us. paul we do not know if one day we would be able to hug you or say how much we love your work and the person you're but we want to leave written here That We make funny jokes with you and we say with words about love you, because we are a family, a family that love you so much and dream about that the day we will hug you and say "thank you". thanks pauly. we love you. We are @trendyhd @wasil3wski @pdubberes @smilerzo @poxawasilewski @feelstefan @fightstefan @hogwants @belongstelena @butcyrus @awlavigns @wishstefan @omgniklaus @dobrevvz
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      I have too many questions, so, i'll choose one that i think you'd like to answer haha I wanna know if you believe in utopia. And if you could choose something utopian to make the world better, what would it be?