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    PJT. Reminds me of GPW . Great numbers but nobody's interested. Boring plays.
    Very much so. I am in them for the long haul. MPH was once one of those dead penny stock plays too a year ago and now look at it. If I have to wait for a dividend or a buyout I will. I have no choice because there's not enough liquidity to sell even at these junk prices, and I wouldn't sell stocks that have 2-6 P/E with 50% revenue growth rates like these two anyways.

    Stocks like MBO, PKK or SCG are all speculative...a great story or a chance for profits and have been relatively liquid trading vehicles recently. But stocks like PJT and GPW are ones putting money into their pockets now. Not so speculative or fun to trade but if you put those shares away for a few years I am confident they will turn into great investments.


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      Hey Edward what is your take on MOBL. it`s been on my radar and I see analysts staring coverage.
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      What's your take on GUD, do you think it could be the next Paladin?
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      Hi Edward, what is the report that Mike Edwards is looking forward to reading, in the email response
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      Your picks show make absolute sense. Now if you could only figure out the market pulse we'd be rich!