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    GPW .....this is ridiculous. Like you said they need to take this private. TSXV is a joke !
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    $20.5 million in revenue. Up over 50% from Q2 2013. Gross profit up 72%. Overall results were a slight loss thanks to the other income line items (which contributed to the positive net income the last few quarters so this time it's a reversal). But I am very happy with these results. Much better than FSW which also posted good revenue growth but inferior to GPW and an increased operating loss.


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      Hey Edward what is your take on MOBL. it`s been on my radar and I see analysts staring coverage.
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      What do you think of IB.V?
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      PKK temporarily lays off development team ? Don't like this . Not a positive sign.
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      PKK financials out. No mention on Longkey deal.